Off Topic : Saturn!

The other day I came home late from a night out and noticed how clear the sky was. I decided to have a go at taking a picture of Saturn. With only DSLR gear I knew this was a challenge.

First of all I set up the tripod in front of the house (there was little light pollution) and put the Canon 7D on the tripod). I used the 7D over my 5D as the crop factor was a bonus for zoom. Next I hooked up my 70-200 and a 2X Canon Extender Tube. That totals 400mm, but multiplied by the crop factor, thats 640mm effective focal length.

I shot at F5.6 with 1/250 second exposure and ISO 1600, and got the image below. I used one of the many solar system browser apps for the iPad to find saturn in the first place!


I'm pretty happy that its even possible to see the rings at all, but after doing some reading, I have discovered that if I wait for a drier night (it was quite cold and moist air that night) I will get a clearer image. I'll probably find another remote location too with no light pollution too the next time. As I said, this is very off topic, but interesting none the less!